Jennie Klein

Urich Lau Video Conference: Virtual Reverie for Life Circuit (VC_VT_LC) For this performance, Lau documented himself living, working, eating, and sleeping in his studio for 24 hours, inviting his audience/viewers to engage in this durational piece while remaining remote. Photographs of the performance reveal a daunting array of cables, computers, monitors, […]

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Chloe Ho

Performing Online in 2021: Thinking with Graciela Ovejero Postigo, Urich Lau and Daisuke Takeya This year, I sat alone at home in the 6th lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, and I watched, in silent isolation, works by Graciela Ovejero Postigo, Urich Lau and Daisuke Takeya  ““hung” …in the virtual field” of […]

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Sophia Kidd

Literature, a History of the Moment & Spacing Out:Writing in Response to 3 Performance Artworks Infinite regress of texts within texts in literatureLiterary works are never contemporary. That is, they’re never just about the contemporary moment. Rather, texts engage in intertextual weaving with other texts that came before it. If […]

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