Béatrice Didier (Belgium) was born in 1971, Béatrice Didier studied at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, taught and worked on several projects in performing arts. The encounter with Monica Klingler and then Boris Nieslony in 2005 brought her to Performance Art, which then became her main artistic medium. In solo or in group, Béatrice Didier has performed in many galleries/museums/academies or in the context of platforms, festivals, residencies throughout Europe as well as in Mexico, China, India, Myanmar,... Since 2014, Béatrice Didier has exhibited her work in Performance Art at Atelier Salzamt in Linz, 10/12 in Brussels and in the context of UPON festival in Chengdu. These projects brought her to create installations directly connected with her actions/ performances. Béatrice Didier is also member of PAErsche in Germany, Ricochets in Belgium and was curator/co-organiser of the platform ACTUS. and She also continues to develop an educational practice via performance art workshops.