Chloe Ho is a doctoral candidate in Art History at the University of Melbourne. Her interest is in twentieth and twenty-first century Singapore art, specifically in relation to performance and installation art and art historiography. She investigates the place of performance in the transmission of art and the art historical in the Singapore context, looking at artistic works, social phenomena and its relation to society. Her current research project attempts to account for the transmission of art critical and art historical knowledge in the Singapore context outside Western structures of knowledge with a special focus on the late 1980s to the present. More broadly, Chloe is interested in performance art forms in the Asian context, Southeast Asian art histories and artistic migration, particularly in relation to performance art and artists.

Chloe has presented her work in both academic and non-academic contexts, including the ICAS11, Leiden University, The Netherlands (2019); Gender + Art in Asia, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia (2019); PALA Project, Studio Plesungan, Solo, Indonesia (2018). Recent publications include "Resurrection: Negotiating Singapore art in Lee Wen’s late practice," Live Art Development Agency, U.K. (forthcoming) and “The Archival Record: Ho Rui An’s Conspiracy of Files,” Southeast of Now (2020).


クロエは、オランダのライデン大学 ICAS11(2019); 「Gender + Art in Asia」、バクストンコンテンポラリー、メルボルン、オーストラリア(2019); 「PALA Project」、Studio Plesungan、ソロ、インドネシア(2018)など、学術的および非学術的文脈の双方で研究を発表している。最近の出版物には、「"Resurrection: Negotiating Singapore art in Lee Wen’s late practice」、Live Art Development Agency、英国(近日公開)、「The Archival Record:Ho Rui An's Conspiracy of Files」、Southeast of Now(2020)などがある。