Kokaung Matthu
Kokaug Matthu

Kokaung Matthu (Myanmar) was born in April 13th 1992; and lives and works in Yangon. He studied painting at New Zero Art Space 8th Free of Charge Art Class from 2015 to 2016. Again in 2016 he also joined in the conceptual based art development workshop and performance art workshop by artist Aye Ko, one of the leading artists in Myanmar. He joined some art workshops organized by New Zero Art Space as well and has been volunteering in New Zero since 2016 when he has finished his art class. In 2016, he participated in the group exhibition of the art students by New Zero Free of charge art class as his first exhibition and also participated in the group performance art event at New Zero Art Space. Kaung Myat Thu creates his own art is creation of what he senses with art. His creations mainly exist in being himself and it’s connecting to the environment he wanted to be in, the future he hope for and the situations of the country he living in. 2017 in May, he participated at the exhibition “Mutual Unknown” with the artists from Southeast Asia countries in Jakarta, Indonesia. As an emerging who started from the painting, he is interesting to experiment different and new mediums.


コカング・ミャッテュー(ミャンマー)は1992年4月13日に生まれ、ヤンゴンを拠点に活動。2015年より2016年まで、「New Zero Art Space」8期生として絵画を学ぶ。2016年には、ミャンマーを代表するアーティストの1人であるアーティスト、エイコーによるコンセプシャルアート及びにパフォーマンスアートワークショップに参加し、現在「New Zero Art Space」運営メンバー。コカング・ミャテューにとってのアート制作は、「感じる」ことそのものである。彼の作品は、主に自身の存在に起因し、彼自身が置かれた環境、望んでいる未来、そして居住する国の状況に対する応答である。2017年5月には。インドネシア、ジャカルタでの東南アジア諸国アーティストによる展覧会「Mutual Unknown」に参加。