TAKUMICHAN (Japan) works mainly with performance to create "transforming-meditation" that articulates the relationship between images and human beings. His recent works have been presented as part of blanClass Live Art, 2016-2018 and the Nishiogi Visual Festival, TERATOTERA, 2017 among others. As an actor traversing various fields, Takumichan’s main performances have been part of “Shimatsu wo Kaku" (a durational, interdisciplinary and collaborative work based on Daisuke Kishii’s theatrical play), a collaborative creative performance of a piece by Mr. Wang Chung at Tokyo Arts Festival APAF International (2017), and sons wo: "City II" (2016) among several other productions. Takumichan has also been a main "signboard" actor in the theater unit Sanzan and a core-member of the Yoshihara Art Service (2013-2016). Takumichan’s awards include the Yokohama Dance Collection 2016 Jury Award (as Aokid 􏰈 Hashimoto Takumi) and the SICF 19 (Spiral Independent Creators Festival 19) PLAY Akane Nakamura prize. In recent years, Takumichan has expanded the range of activities he is involved with his cross-disciplinary work taking place across art project spaces, art galleries, theaters, live houses and alternative spaces.


たくみちゃん (橋本匠)は、トランスフォーマー。「イメージ」と人類の関係を表現するインプロヴィゼーション方法論「トランスフォーめいそう」を構築する。主なソロパフォーマンス発表に、西荻映像祭(TERATOTERA・2017)、blanClass Live Art(2017)、KACトライアルプログラム(京都芸術センター・2016)など。俳優としても領域横断的に活動展開し、主な出演には東京芸術祭APAF国際共同クリエーション公演ワン・チョン氏作品(2017)、sons wo:「シティⅡ」(2016)など。Aokid×橋本匠としては横浜ダンスコレクション2016審査員賞を受賞し、横浜ダンスコレクション2018で受賞者公演「we are son of sun!」(象の鼻テラス)を発表した。岸井大輔氏の演劇プロジェクト「始末をかく」メンバー。演劇ユニット山山山の代表。吉原芸術大サービスにも初期から企画運営で携わる。