Yves Chun-ta CHIU is an independent curator and post-doctor of the Social Engaged Center of NSYSU in Taiwan. He was born in 1983, Kaohsiung. He escaped from the ivory tower of philosophy in 2008 to enter into the field of contemporary art and has been deeply immersed in it ever since. He received his PhD. in Fine Arts from the Tainan National University of the Arts in 2017. He is very much inspired by the works of western philosophers, art theorists and masters, but prefer to listen to his own masters. He is interested in the methodologies of describing the real society by pseudo-sociology and the production of knowledge by pseudo-discursive. He is also concerned about how art practice is able to form relationships with society and life authentically.

Past three-year curatorial experiences include The Mindset of Verabredung, Tainan Chian Town 2018, Listening to the Mountain and Sea, Collective Negative Space Village, 2019 Madou Sugar Industry Triennial, Déjà vu: Re-Envisioning Market/Place, arts in jetlag, Landscape Observation – Seeing Nanjia from Tsuí-kau-siā, Transmutation: The Therapeutic Art of Gardeners. Disorientation Harmony: 2020 Artrend Performance Festival.



近三年重要展演經歷有 「約會的心態」(台灣當代一年展)、(台南齁空間)、「臺南中國城2018」(SeMA(Korea))、 「聆聽山與海的聲音-城市地景採集所」(太平國小)、「負育群帶聚落」(空總文化實驗室)、 2019麻豆糖業大地藝術祭」(總爺藝文中心)、《共同史》(Le Lieu(Canada))、 「場所既視-下一代市場」(新富町文化市場)、 arts in jetlae」(Cite internationale des art 1702M studio) 「地景遠眺-水交社中的南郊視野」(水交社文化園區) 、「 植變-身態園丁的療癒術 」(臺北中正區社會福利綜合大樓)、「迷走和諧:2020阿川行為藝術節」(台北當代藝術中心+台南么八二藝術空間)。



近年のキュレーションに、The Mindset of Verabredung(台南市千安町2018)、Listening to the Mountain and Sea(Collective Negative Space Village)、2019 Madou Sugar Industry TriennialDéjà vu: Re-Envisioning Market/Placearts in jetlagLandscape Observation - Seeing Nanjia from Tsuí-kau-siāTransmutation: 庭師のセラピー・アート、ディスオリエンテーション・ハーモニー:2020年 Artrend パフォーマンス・フェスティバル