PERFORMANCE, this is the TIME and this is the SPACE; the energies are focused here;
here is the point at which the process of creation and self-creation begins and
ends; I tame this space with my presence, with my senses. Initially, it’s
the act of exchange. It also touches me with its size and texture
the force of light and the presence of people. My gestures are
a measure of my capabilities in this space. My senses work on the “fre-
quencies” it offers. The generated sounds sink into the background, which
in turn gives me noise, undefined; the acoustic variation of greyness;
the tonality of meaninglessness. This phase is a show of matter, a sliding
on surfaces which are physically rich and yet poor in meanings. The mean-
ings will emerge later, from tensions, from dissonance and from an attempt
to break the existing order. It is enough to find one point, one sound;
to make one mark in this space, to change the optics, to impose one’s own perspective,
to capture and colo-nize it. To give it a new meaning, absent so far; to deprive it of the parameters
of an ordinary territory in which I am supposed to act. I want to overtake
it with the expression of gestures, with the mystery of choices. I want to build
its spiritual plan and to enrich it with incomprehensible places. Like Yi-Fu
Tuan, I understand open space as an entity having a spiritual, metaphysical di-
mension and generating symbols, signs, icons.


In front of me there is an organic structure – the bodys/figures, the material man-
ifestation of consciousness, the externalization of the self which is alien
to me – setting the boundaries of my action. We are divided and connected
by an arm’s length, of the gesture, the senses, which will inscribe on our faces
a dense process of exchange – a constellation of meanings,
micro-traces, intentions, and omissions. The space “between” is a portal,
a channel transmitting the meaning of the messages. It’s a place where all
the gestures meet and pass by, obscuring one image with the next one and
the next one... drawing a multiplication of reality.


What is it? Reality? A projection? A visualization? An illusion trapped in time?
Or, maybe, a process of pacifying existing values – the eternal retouch;
makeup; an attempt to materialize imagined ideas, visions, dreams and ex-
pectations? It is a process characterized by care and deceit, tenderness and
aggression, praise and scorn, seriousness and grotesquery. It is a peculiar
form of spiritual cannibalism we indulge in, absorbing our own reflections
in the multiplex of everyday life, merging with their material and metaphys-
ical layers. This duality is clearly outlined as “multiple portrait “ in which
memory – its intimate, personal dimension – gives way to aggressive re-
ality . “Multiple portrait”, which I become a part of, appears as a projection of two
dialectically related entities: the world of imagination and the real world.
The ritual of the performance merged them into a single, composite image,
and moved its multiplied reflection into the network of associations free
from the coercion of pragmatic exclusions.


Antoni Karwowski
2020 Chociwel (Poland)

Discursive Arena