Island-Life began as a series of performance in 2019. The work serves as a personal response to my experience of living in Taiwan since 2016. I seek to interpret the unique political environment I observed in my daily life through body movement as well as water which symbolised the vitality of human soul.
Island-Life 3.0: Water Exercise is a performative work with an intention of exploring the relationship between water and body. The root of the work stems from a desire in responding to my dwelling surroundings – a site situated near to a river where many people would frequent for cycling and working-out. In the video, as I attempt to attach packs of water onto different parts of my body and start to perform exercises within a round spot, numerous cyclists could be seen passing by in front of me with some taking a quick glance at me.
Who am I in this city? Do I looked so differently from everyone? As a foreigner in this city, am I being alienated?

"Island-Life" は、2019年に連続公演としてスタートしました。この作品は、2016年から台湾に住んでいる私の経験に対する個人的な反応として機能しています。私は日常生活の中で観察した独特の政治的環境を、人間の魂の生命力を象徴する水だけでなく、身体の動きを通して解釈しようとしています。

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