Hotaka Ishino was born in Nagano Prefecture in 1957. Graduated from Suwa Seiryo high school, Waseda university faculty of letters, department of psychology. Freelance since 1986 after working for an advertising agency. As a copywriter, planner, editor, designer, etc., he has been in charge of branding, advertising, SP, PR, etc. of automobile companies, oil companies, food companies, restaurant companies, IT companies, facilities, etc., as well as serving as an advisor, planner, creator for PR and product development of local governments including Aomori prefecture, product - matching, migration promotion, etc. In relation to museums, he has been involved in various projects and productions such as Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of Art, Okakura Tenshin Memorial Hall, Toyota Automobile Museum, Suwa City Museum, and Uenohara Jomon no Mori Museum in Kagoshima prefecture. He planned for the erection of the NPO Jomonism and is involved in the production of the art exhibition "Arts of JOMON" (NY, Paris, Denver, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Aomori, etc.) as a board member. He is  editor-in-chief of Swa - Animism, and director of the Research Association for Remote ages.

石埜穂高は、1957年長野県生。諏訪清陵高校、早稲田大学第一文学部心理学科卒。広告代理店勤務を経て1986年からフリー。コピーライター、プランナー、エディター、デザイナーなどとして自動車会社、石油会社、食品会社、外食企業、IT企業、施設などのブランディング、広告、SP、PR等を担当するほか、青森県はじめ自治体のPR、商品開発、産品マッチング、移住促進などのアドバイザー・プランナー・クリエイターを務める。美術館・博物館関係では茨城県立美術館、岡倉天心記念館、トヨタ博物館、諏訪市博物館、鹿児島県上野原縄文の森などの各種企画・制作に携わる。NPO法人Jomonismを企画し、理事として美術展「Arts of JOMON」(NY、パリ、デンバー、クアラルンプール、東京、青森他)の制作に携わる。スワニミズム編集長、一般社団法人大昔調査会理事。