24 July 2020
Yuzuru Maeda

I initially had a vision of drawing line which is in the large star shape in the rice field in Suwa. I started to develop the idea from here.

We can discover a lot of mysteries in history of Suwa, some may not be true but it seems Suwa attracts these conspiracy theories.  It is because `Takeminakata`, the name of one of the two principal deities of Suwa Grand Shrine. In Kojiki (712 CE) mentions Takeminakata appears as son of Ōkuninushi, god of Izumo. Takeminakata fled to Suwa because he opposes for "transfer of the land" (kuni-yuzuri) to the amaterasu. Because Takeminakata was opposed to the idea of being part of major Amaterasu kingdom, people believe there was an independent country in Suwa where thing were managed in own unique way which leaves festivals that cannot be seem in other area in Japan, and shrines in the different structure. This created a lot of mysteries in the history of Suwa.

Here in Suwa, these myths feel real, I felt strong yet different type of energy in Suwa Grand Shrine.

As I research into Suwa`s mystery, I came up with one hypothesis that Jewish people are the Takeminakata and they recreated Jewish practice in Suwa. And that Suwa is connected not only to Jerusalem or practice of Judaism but to stars in universe.


諏訪へは2020年7月4−5日、7月18−19日に行きました。 諏訪へ着いたら諏訪大社上社本宮へ参拝し、北斗神社へ登りその後武居畑遺跡でチョークラインの撮影をしました。今年は梅雨が長く、天気予報では毎週末雨でしたが、何故か雨が上がるという自信が心の中にあり、雨の心配を全くしなかったのが不思議な体験でした。


Discursive Arena